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At Absolute Endurance, our passion is helping cyclists, triathletes, and endurance athletes of any sport achieve their full potential. Our professional coaching services are designed to help you reach new heights, no matter your current level of experience or ability. With expert guidance and customized training plans, you’ll be able to see real results and reach your cycling goals in no time. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Absolute Endurance is here to help you be the best you can be.

Not just another cycling coach


Cycling Coach Garret Seacat of Absolute Endurance uses proven science-based training programs. Absolute Endurance stays current with the latest research for continuous progress toward your goals.


With over a decade of coaching cyclists and even longer as a racer, Coach Seacat has the experience needed to get you to your goals.


Coach Seacat is committed to providing a positive and inclusive environment for growth and success. With a focus on athlete-first coaching, he is determined to help every cyclist achieve their goals on the bike.

Athlete Focused

With a steadfast commitment to athlete-focused coaching, Garret is dedicated to helping every cyclist achieve their full potential on the bike.

Trusted Coaching

Quality You Expect

You may recognize Coach Seacat and Absolute Endurance from NBC, CNN, and Bicycling Magazine. As a trusted and highly qualified expert in the field of cycling coaching, Coach Seacat has been in a variety of media outlets. With his extensive knowledge and innovative training methods, he has proven to be a valuable resource for cyclists looking to take their performance to the next level.

Absolute Endurance Coach Garret Seacat

Hear It From Our Athletes

Garret took me from riding in the mid pack to riding in the top of the group. He really knows his stuff and works with his athletes.
Corey S.
If you’re serious about improving in the sport of cycling, consistent, measured training is a must. If you will commit to do the work, you WILL see results with Garret’s coaching.
Judy D.
I have been impressed with the level of communication and expertise working with Absolute. Coach Seacat takes the time to setup my training calendar also providing revisions, analyzing power data, metrics, and nutritional intake.
Adam G.

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