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The path to success begins here. Discover the best in cycling coaching. We have carved our expertise from years spent in the peloton, on gravel roads, and on mountain bike trails. We are masters in training, nutrition, and technique, bringing you a unique depth of knowledge with science-backed certifications to back it up.

You Bring the goal, we bring the knowledge

Cycling goals are as unique as the riders themselves. You might be eyeing that local Strava record in your area, gearing up for an epic 200-mile gravel adventure, or simply aiming to enhance your riding comfort. Each goal demands its own strategy, from specialized training programs to tailored on-the-bike nutrition. At Absolute Endurance, we understand this diversity in goals. That’s why we’re committed to creating an individual training plan pairing that aligns precisely with your personal cycling ambitions.

With over a decade of mentoring cyclists and even longer as a racer, we have the experience needed to get you to your goals.

Unbound Gravel

Preparing for one of the largest gravel races around? We have extensive knowledge of both the race preparation and course knowledge to set you up for success.

Learn more about who Coach Seacat is and how he can help you reach your training goals and prepare you both mentally and physically for race day.

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Quality You Expect

You may recognize Absolute Endurance from Bicycling Magazine, RunnersWorld, Nike, and Livestrong. As a trusted and highly qualified expert in the field of fitness and training, Coach Seacat has been in a variety of media outlets. With his extensive knowledge and innovative training programs, he has proven to be a valuable resource for cyclists looking to take their performance to the next level.

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If you have ever thought about training and are curious about what it entails, signing up for a free consultation is the way to go! It’s a no-pressure consult to talk about your fitness levels, how you can improve them, and how endurance training could help propel you to a new level. Even if you don’t decide to sign up for coaching, we are more than confident you will leave with helpful nutrition and training knowledge.