Trek Domane SL and SLR Gen 4 Release

Trek Domane SL SLR Gen 4 Release

The New Gen 4 Domane SL and SLR are Finally Here!

The new Trek Domane SLR and SL are finally here for 2023, or as Trek calls it, Gen 4, but more on that later. The Gen 4 Trek Domane took an already fast and successful platform and put it on a diet, and sped it up! With a lighter weight on both the SL and SLR, a more aero frame, and room for 38mm tires, it approaches the territory of a gravel race bike.

Highlights of What’s New:

  • 800 Series OCLV carbon on Domane SLR and RSL
  • All-new, lighter, non-adjustable rear IsoSpeed system
  • Front IsoSpeed has been removed to shed weight
  • Kammtail Virtual Foil (KVF) tube shaping and an all-new integrated cockpit for improved aerodynamics
  • Top tube bag mount for clean installs on big days out
  • Limited Front Derailleur Compatibility (no cable stops)
  • All-new race-focused Domane RSL – frameset only
    • Race-oriented H1.5 geometry
  • SLR comes in 6 trim levels (3 – SRAM 3 Shimano) ranging from $8-13k
  • SL comes in 4 trim levels (2 SRAM and 2 Shimano) ranging from $4700-8k

The new Trek Domane Gen 4 is the latest in the line of Treks to carry the new model year naming. This means that it is easy for Trek to change the colors and specs of the bikes through the Generation of the bike compared to always having to wait for a yearly launch.

What's New on the 2023 Trek Domane SL and SLR

The 2023 Trek Domane gets its biggest change from one major change, the removal of the front isospeed. Because of this, the bike drops around 300 grams on both the SL and SLR. This is likely to catch a large amount of both hate and love from riders from all disciplines. Am I personally sad to see it go? Yes. But dropping close to a pound of weight is no joke.

You will also notice a new frame design that features Trek’s Kammtail Virtual Foil that creates better air flow around the frame. Along with this, it should be noted that seatpost changes as well. The seatmast design of the past is gone, and while it may look like a traditional seatpost, it is not. It is actually a “D” shape that integrates into the rear isospeed. 

2023 Trek Domane Seatpost

Other Changes

This year also sees the addition of a new stem design for the Domane on all SL and SLR models to help improve aerodynamics with the RCS Pro stem. The RCS Pro is an all-new, integrated stem that keeps the cables tucked out of sight while also allowing riders to swap stem sizes without having to remove any brake hoses or shift housings. The RCS Pro is available in both -7 and +7 degree rise and available in a variety of lengths. And yes, you can change it to a traditional stem if you want; you will sacrifice some aesthetics to do so, though.

You also lose some ability to run mechanical drivetrains with front derailleurs because of the removal of the front cable stop. This is mainly an issue for SRAM mechanical drivetrains but is worth noting.

Let’s leave the new additions on a positive. The addition of the top tube bag bolts. A welcomed addition to any serious endurance or gravel rider out there.

Gen 4 Trek Domane SL SLR Release

Things That Stayed the Same

The 2023 Trek Domane does carry over some things you will be happy to know about, including the clearance for up to a 38mm tire and the same comfortable Endurance Geometry. From experience with previous Domanes, this likely means a 40mm fits with zero issues and you can even shove a bigger 42mm in with some clearance, but I wouldn’t recommend it. 

You will also see the storage area on the downtube carry over to the new bikes.  This is one of those items that depending on your previous experience you are either happy about or not thrilled at all. Between all the athletes I have coached who owned a Domane it is split 50/50 on if they had issues with it. Personally, I never had any issues other than needing to tighten the bolt that holds it together after a few months.

For those curious, the T47 bottom bracket also continues on.

2023 Trek Domane Tire Clearance

Trek Domane - One Bike to Rule Them All?

Can the new Gen 4 Trek Domane SL and SLR take over the place of most of your bikes? Probably but it will come down to the geometry you prefer. The Endurance Geometry is noticeably more “sat up” than most bikes but with some stem changes this can be fixed for most riders. Having owned almost every version of a Domane in the past I am excited to get one in hands soon but to be totally honest my Checkpoint has replaced my Domane Gen 3 (2022) over the last year.

Check back soon for a full review of the new Gen 4 Trek Domane SLR!