Stopping Bad Nutrition Habits

Starting a new healthier diet can be daunting. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed.

When you are setting up weight loss goals, if you are unwilling or failing to implement a behavior and lifestyle change, you are setting yourself up for long term failure. It can seem daunting when you think of all the changes you need to make when starting; drinking more water, not overeating, and prepping food to name a few. The good news is you don’t have to make all of these behavior changes at once. Start where you are in your journey. If you know you are a good cook and enjoy it then start with that and make it successful. Prep healthy foods and meals on your day off to make eating healthy even easier. Not the best cook? Start with something simple such as eating mindfully. What does that mean? Slow down while eating and be more self-aware of how you feel as you eat. Start trying to sense when you are feeling full and stop eating. As you begin to tackle simple behavior changes you can begin to work at more complex and demanding issues. What things set you off and result in you overeating or making bad choices? Once you can identify them you can begin to notice these triggers. You may not be able to stop yourself in the moment but as you become more aware of these moments you can begin to stop yourself.

Start where you don’t have to make all of these behavior changes at once.


Don’t Let One Mistake Derail You

Don’t let small slip-ups take you totally off the rails. If you make a mistake or crave something and indulge in it, that is fine! Remember the moment and see if you can identify what set you off and move on from the moment. This free behavior guide (all free guides have been redeemed) is yours to print and use when you notice these situations. Don’t let that one bad choice lead you down a path of multiple bad decisions for the rest of the day or week. Just because you had donuts at work does not mean you grab fast food on the way home. Keep strong and remember that weight loss and eating healthy constantly are not overnight changes. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s all about getting on track as quick as you can! Following the 4 steps below from the guide we can workout what may be causing the issue.

Step 1 – Looking Back

If you haven’t yet downloaded the free PDF behavior guide download it and open it and let’s get to work. The first step in figuring out what causes the lapse in choices is looking back at what was going on in the 1-2 hours before hand. Write down what you remember doing and how you remember feeling in that moment. Chances are it may seem like a normal day but this can help identify triggers over time.

Step 2 – Immediately Before

In the moments immediately before what were you feeling? Just as importantly was anyone with you? Were you influenced by others or was this something you snuck away to do? If you are unsure just leave them blank and don’t worry about it. It is about building a bigger picture.

Step 3 – During

During the moment how did it make you feel? What did you choose to consume and most importantly why did you choose that item? Is it always something that has comforted you or that you always crave?

Step 4 – After

When you finished eating how did you feel emotionally but also physically? Typically this is the moment when we come to realize we even made a mistake. While we will feel guilty from what we consumed it doesn’t have to be the end of the diet. Remember that is your moment to get back on track for the day.

If you are still having trouble making the right choices that is what Absolute is here for! Learn more about what proper nutrition can do for you with Absolute Nutrition Coaching. If you have questions you can contact Head Coach Seacat at