American Classic Aggregate Review

American Classic Aggregate Review

Reviewing the American Classic Aggregate Tires

The American Classic Aggregate is a newer entry into the gravel scene of the last few years, but can it hold up like many more mature companies’ tires? As a long-time cycling coach and gravel native of the Flint Hills of Kansas, we didn’t hold back on our American Classic Aggregate review. 

American Classic Aggregate 700x40

American Classic Aggregate Rating:


  • Reliable
  • Roll relatively quick
  • Great value
  • Decent weight (477 grams)


  • Wears down comparatively fast
  • Measure what they are labeled (more on that below)
  • Not a supple ride


First Impressions

Getting my hands on the Aggregate tires I could tell they would last some time because of their “5S Armor” which is made up of five layers of protection. If you have ever ridden a Panaracer tire with the “plus” protection, it is very similar. The American Classic’s layers are comprised of three layers of 120tpi fabric, one layer of nylon, and the rubber layer giving you a good amount of protection.

However, all that protection comes with a downside, the tire losses its supple ride qualities. Does that mean the tire feels harsh? No, not really, but if you are more accustomed to a softer tire, you will notice it on your ride.

They come in at a respectable 477 grams. We tested the tires on a set of Shimano GRX Carbon wheels with an internal width of 25mm, which filled the tires out to a shockingly low 39.7mm compared to the labeled 40mm width.  That measurement is taken at the widest knobs possible, if you take the measurement from the tire, it measures closer to 38.2mm, so be prepared. While this isn’t bad, it is shocking when we have all grown so accustomed to tires mounting up 1-2mm wider than labeled.

American Classic Aggregate Tire

Riding the Aggregate Tires

When the tire hits the gravel, it does everything you want in a tire. The American Classic Aggregate is the best-value tire on the market right now at $45. You likely won’t find a tire near that price with the qualities this tire has. With its tread pattern having a consistent knob all the way around the casing, cornering is confidence inspiring while the pattern helps keep the rolling speed high.

The extra protection layers keep the tires flat-free for the rough 600 miles we have had them on. Speaking of that distance, the rear tire has started showing large amounts of wear you normally don’t see until much later. While not likely a deal breaker for most, don’t expect these to last as long as some other tires out there.  Those protective layers also keep the tire riding slightly “stiff” compared to higher-end tires.

Speaking of those protective layers, American Classic stands behind its product so much that if you are to destroy a tire, they will get you a new one for 50% off with their “Assurance Program.” An unheard of thing in the tire world, especially in gravel.

Final Thoughts

The American Classic Aggregate are a work-horse of a tire! Are they they fastest? Not likely. Are softest ride? No. Are they hard to destroy? Definitely. These are the kind of tires you throw on your bike and log huge miles with little worry about having flats. 

With that said, would I ride them in a race? Absolutely, especially if you want that piece of mind that you aren’t going to be dealing with flats all day. Grab a pair on Amazon for only $45!