Michelin Power Gravel 40 Review

Michelin Power Gravel Review

The Michelin Power Gravel May Be One of the Best Tires Around

To be honest, when I started on the Michelin Power Gravel 40 review, I had zero hopes for these tires. They feel too thin, have a tread pattern similar to many other tires that fall apart quickly, and just have no reputation in the gravel world. During the first ride, my opinion quickly changed and now these tires are one of my all-time favorites!

I feel like it needs to be said, but DO NOT SLEEP ON THESE TIRES!

Michelin Power Gravel 40 Tire

Michelin Power Gravel Rating:


  • Incredible traction
  • Supple ride (120 tpi)
  • Fast rolling
  • Decent weight (470 grams)


  • Still have some questions about the durability
  • Can be hard to find

First Impressions

I had zero confidence in the Michelin Power Gravel when I got them in my hand and planned to destroy them quickly so I could rotate in some other tires (at any given a collection of athletes and myself are testing anywhere from 4-7 different tires). Once out of the packaging, they feel thin and actually remind me of the hand-made construction of the Challenge tires which raised some red flags. But once mounted up and inflated, which is very easy, I had a feeling I may end up being a fan because of the tread pattern.

At this point, I want to be very clear that it wasn’t just me who had zero faith in them. Other gravel riders and bike shop employees who got to see them had similar reservations. We all joked about how they felt and looked like other failed tires. Clearly, we didn’t know Michelin had figured it out.

Michelin Power Gravel 40 Review

Riding the Michelin Power Gravel Tires

Heading out for the first ride I had so little confidence in the Michelin Power Gravel tire I didn’t even put them on carbon wheels and made sure to bring a plug kit and extra CO2, non of which I ever needed. Leading to gravel there is a long paved descent that usually gives me a good idea of how “fast” a tire will be and they rolled right up to 42+ mph with zero issues, a good sign.

Once on the gravel, the tires come to life and just beg you to go faster. The Power Gravel tire rolling resistance is low and the suppleness of the tires feels fantastic! The ride quality is that of a tire that cost much more and comes from much fancier names.

On climbs, the tires stay connected with no slipping under power which was surprising for such a small tread pattern. On corners, they hold their own incredibly well with a smooth transition from the center knobs to the corner knobs.

Even after 1,600+ miles and two different riders using them, we have still yet to have a flat, and that is saying something when you live near Unbound Gravel.

On dirt roads and loose gravel, the Power Gravel maintains grip despite having a shallow tread profile. Puncture resistance has been impressive, especially when tested in the flint rock of the Flint Hills with no noted flats or punctures currently with about 500 miles on them. The shallow tread profile on flat or paved surfaces provides good roll resistance to help maintain speed.

Final Thoughts

The Michelin Power Gravel is likely one of the best-hidden gems of the tire world right now.  As a cycling coach who rides the Flint Hills of Kansas, these tires have me calling all athletes planning to race gravel and recommending them and I would do the same for you.

The only real problem with the tires you are going to have is finding them. They are hard to find in shops and online, making them a “must buy” if you come across a set in the size you want.