Redshift ShockStop Pro Stem Review

Redshift ShockStop Pro Stem Review

Reviewing the new Redshift Pro Stem was an absolute pleasure!

When we review anything, we typically hold off as long as possible before forming a conclusion, but with the Redshift ShockStop Pro stem it didn’t take much more than one ride to fall in love! Before explaining why we all loved the stem, I want to be upfront about how I used to make fun of anyone who had one years ago when I ran a bike shop and was coaching.

So when the new PRO version was released I had to see about getting one to try and they graciously sent me two for myself and some athletes to test (we also have the seatpost and that review is coming).  Now that we have been riding them for a few months it is time to give them away! SIGN UP HERE for a chance to win one of two stems (90mm or 100mm).

Redshift ShockStop PRO Stem

Redshift PRO Stem Rating


  • Ride Quality Improvement
  • No noticeable “bobbing” while pedaling
  • Weight Specific Elastomers
  • Use on Any Bike


  • Only 6 Degree Angle
  • Little Heavy

First Impressions

Straight out of the box, my my immediate thought was how little it weighs! I was expecting the stem to feel bulky and heavy but compared to the lightweight carbon stem I was changing it wasn’t terrible. Comparing the previous model, the updated stem is 15% lighter (about 50 grams) according to Redshift. To give you an idea, our 90mm stem weighs in at 228 grams which is roughly 75 grams more than the lightweight carbon stem we had been using from Bontrager.

You will also notice a good-sized set of instructions with the stem. Read them! They will tell you how to set up the elastomers for your weight and most importantly how to change them without damaging the stem. It is not hard to do but if you just jump right into it without taking a look, you risk stripping out the bolt that holds the elastomers in place.

shockstop pro stem gravel riding

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Ride Impressions

The Redshift ShockStop Pro Stem is a game-changer once you give it a try. On your first ride prepare yourself to notice immediately a little extra movement on smooth roads. The sensation is close to that of having lost a little air in your tires but not in a bad way. 
When you finally hit the gravel the stem shines! It reminds me of riding a Trek Domane or Specialized Diverge at a fraction of the cost. I can’t stress this enough, it will make any bike better! The added weight is more than worth it.

"I can't stress this enough, it will make any bike better!"

One of the most impressive parts of the stem is how it doesn’t bob up and down under normal riding conditions or even standing and climbing! Every time I tried to hate the stem it showed me how well it performed.

With that said, the “performance” of the stem is drastically difference in your drops compared to on top of your hoods. On the hoods the stem is amazing but once you go down to your drops it is lacking. To be fair, that is to be expected and on par with bikes with built-in features similar to that of the Shockstop Pro stem.

Why You'll Love It

The Redshift ShockStop PRO stem is a suspension stem designed to provide added comfort and control to a road or gravel bike. It utilizes an elastomer suspension system to absorb shocks and vibrations, which can help reduce fatigue and improve the overall ride experience. Some specific features of the ShockStop stem that may make it superior to other stems include:
  1. Adjustability: The ShockStop stem has adjustable elastomer stiffness, so riders can customize the level of suspension to their preference and the terrain they are riding on.

  2. Compatibility: The stem is compatible with both road and mountain bikes and 1-1/8″ and 1-1/4″ steerer tubes, making it suitable for a wide range of bike frames.

  3. Lightweight: The stem is made from lightweight, high-strength aluminum and titanium hardware, which helps to minimize the overall weight of the stem.

  4. Durability: The stem is designed to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, with a durable construction that is resistant to damage from impact and corrosion.

  5. Improved handling: The suspension system of the stem can help to improve handling and stability, particularly on rough terrain or when riding over bumps and potholes.

Overall, the Redshift PRO stem is a high-quality, innovative product that can provide a number of benefits to riders looking to improve the comfort and performance of their road or gravel bike.

ShockStop Stem Reservations

There are a few potential reasons why the Redshift ShockStop stem may not be considered as good as some other bicycle stems:

  1. Cost: The ShockStop Pro stem is a premium product, and it may be more expensive than some other stem options on the market. This could be a factor for riders on a budget who are looking for a more affordable stem.

  2. Fit: The stem only comes in a 6-degree angle and a few lengths which can be very limiting to some riders.

  3. Weight: While the stem is made from lightweight materials, it may still be slightly heavier than some other stem options, particularly those made from lighter materials such as carbon fiber.

  4. Suspension performance: Some riders may find that the suspension system of the ShockStop stem does not provide as much comfort or control as they were expecting, particularly on rough terrain.

Overall, the Redshift ShockStop Pro stem is a high-quality product, but it may not be the best choice for everyone. It is important for riders to consider their specific needs and preferences when choosing a stem for their bike, specificly bike fit.

Final Thoughts

The Redshift ShockStop Pro stem and its ability to absorb shock and vibration is a game changer. Whether you’re riding on rough roads or tackling a rocky trail, the stem does an outstanding job of smoothing out the ride.

You’ll love the ShockStop Pro stem for its adjustable stiffness. The stem comes with different elastomer inserts that allow you to tune the stiffness to your preference. This is a great feature for riders who may want a softer ride on certain terrain, or a stiffer ride for more efficient power transfer.

Overall, I highly recommend the ShockStop Pro stem to any rider looking to improve the comfort and performance of their bike. It’s well-made and its reliability will greatly enhance your riding experience. I never thought I would say this but it is a must-buy!