Trek Velocis Bib Review

A Review of the New Trek Velocis Cycling Bibs

Trek is back in the apparel business with the new Velocis cycling bibs! And yes, we know Bontrager is part of Trek, so technically, they were making the old stuff. This Trek Velocis bib review will look at what you can expect from the modestly priced bibs with all its updated features.

New Trek Velocis Bibs

Trek Velocis Cycling Bibs Rating:


  • Competitive Price
  • High-end material and feel
  • Longer leg length
  • Reduced total seem amount
  • 30 day guarantee


  • Chamois isn’t anything special
  • Sloppy construction
  • Still no “cargo” version

First Impressions

The new Velocis bibs feel like a more expensive bib when you first feel them at the shop. This makes the $145 price feel like a bargain. It’s worth noting that it’s impressive that Trek has kept the price of these bibs down for so long. The previous versions, Bontrager Velocis bibs and Bontrager RXL bibs, had similar prices over the last decade. Things you will notice when trying them on and love is the soft fabric feel and the low amount of seems on the bibs. The leg gripper is also comfortable and doesn’t pull.

Trek Velocis Bib Review

Trek Velocis Bib Review

We were excited to get out on the Trek Velocis bibs to review them once we had them in hand, but it didn’t take long to remember why our previous generation of these bibs stayed in the closet. Even though these bibs have a new chamois design, it seems not to be that comfortable. It’s not so bad you won’t use them, but I doubt these shorts will make it into the regular rotation for anything other than short 1-hour training rides. Have we likely been spoiled by riding bibs that are twice this price from POC and Rapha? Even the cheaper custom bibs from Champ-Sys have a more comfortable chamois. I can’t imagine doing a more extended event like Unbound Gravel or century in these.

We also had some of the seems on the bibs that went past the fabric end. It doesn’t take anything away from the function, but it looks like an oversight for what I am sure Trek considers to be their high-end bibs. 

Trek/Bontrager is still noticeably missing a pair of cargo shorts from the lineup. Why not give the riders everything they want for a company that is investing so much into the gravel market, such as the new Trek Checkpoint. 

Final Thoughts

Are the Velocis bibs worth the $145 price? Yes, mainly because you have 30 days to see if they work for you. We will be keeping ours and may even invest in another pair as a weekday training bib because for the price; we won’t worry about wearing them out over a year of hard training compared to a $300 pair from Velocio.