Best Endurance Cycling Events of 2022

Endurance cycling events are back in a big way in 2022!

2022 will be the year of endurance cycling events! Cyclist seem more excited than ever to get training again and with the large bike boom, more beginner cyclist are ready to enter the racing world. There are many events available to cyclist at every level of fitness. So deciding which is the best choice can be difficult. With that said, we put together a list of some of the top events our athletes and coaches have attended over the years and highly recommend!

March 26-27 - Gravel (62 mile) and MTB (60 mile) - Oden AR

This event is truly a hidden gem! You will be riding on an IMBA Epic trail located in a remote area of Arkansas. They also added an additional gravel race on Saturday to test your multi-day endurance if you are up for a real challenge. This event normally sells out in less than an hour but has yet to sell out this year so don’t hesitate if you see spots still available. Pro tip: You will have to find a hotel 30+ miles away or stay in the local high school gym. Also, if you plan to attend, the event is located in a dry county so if you want a post race beer you’ll have to buy it somewhere else.

June 4- Gravel (200 mile) - Emporia KS

Unbound Gravel was at the start of all things gravel and has since exploded into a large corporate event but it’s still a great time. It is one of the few gravel events that draws such a large crowd and creates an electric atmosphere unlike any other. Some gravel truest have since started to search for other gravel events with a smaller crowd and grassroots feel but having ridden a large amount of gravel events, Unbound should be on everyones list to do one time. You will need to get signed up early though, as they have stopped allowing transfers of spots.

November 19 (not official yet) - Road (100 mile) - Tucson AZ

Speaking of large events, El Tour de Tucson is massive! With over 6,000+ participants you can always find a wheel to draft off of in this high speed 100 mile road race that circles the city of Tucson. El Tour, as locals call it, features minimal climbs, great weather, and blazing fast average speeds for a road race. This event is a must try for all cyclist just to see what it’s like to ride at full gas for 100 miles on city street that are closed to traffic. It is the closest most will get to ever experiencing anything like Tour de France.

August 6th - MTB (107 mile) - Watford City ND

This mountain bike race is no joke! It is one of the hardest races you can attend, it has a cut off time at mile 9! You have to average 5.8mph or faster all day to keep going. Sounds easy until you see the course profile and realize the event is going to test everything you have got! You have 18 hours to complete the 107 mile course and you’ll likely need most of it. We have had a variety of athletes attend the event and everyone of them has returning talking of the extreme difficulty. So be prepared for a long fun day in the saddle. You can also opt for much shorter versions including 13, 25, 50, 75 mile to work your way up to the 100.

Other Endurance Cycling Events

There are so many events popping up everyday it is hard to keep up. The list about is our top 4 favorites but that doesn’t there aren’t many other great options. Here is a few other recommendations:

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below! If we agree we will add it to the list.

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